Lortek is a private RTO, member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA) and part of the Mondragon corporation. We are specialized in the digitalization of manufacturing processes and in the development of innovative solutions in digital and intelligent manufacturing. We are organized in three research groups in the following knowledge areas: 

  • Joining Technologies 
  • Additive Manufacturing 
  • Digital Technologies 

The project team is formed by a talented and enthusiastic team of professionals: 

Iñaki Sainz

Project Coordinator

Fran Huertos

Lead Robotic & Control Researcher

Jonatan Rodriguez

Senior Robotics & Control Researcher

Idoia Vidal

Senior Robotics & Control Researcher

Aitor Irizar

Control & Robotics Researcher

Nieves Rodriguez

Senior Joining Technologies Researcher

Lortek is the project coordinator. Furthermore, we are involved in all technical tasks of arc welding use case, from developing AI algorithms for weld bead quality assessment to deploying state-of-the-art control algorithms for jigless arc welding.

Our main contribution to the project is the novel adaptive impedance control, driven by reinforcement learning algorithms, for precise positioning of parts without using fixtures.

We seek to strengthen our competitiveness in high-impact markets, such as robotics and AI, specifically in cooperative robotics, allowing us to reach more customers and serve them better.

We also aim to consolidate our AI powered non-destructive inspection technologies and force control solutions applied to robotics.

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