Meet the consortium: LMS

The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS) is focused on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners. Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with the European industry as well as with a number of “hi-tech” firms.

Prof. Panagiotis STAVROPOULOS 

Role in the project:
Supervisor, Technical Mentoring

Dr. Harry BIKAS 

Research Engineer
Role in the project:
Project Management, Technical Mentoring 


Research Engineer 
Role in the project:
Project Management, Project Team member

LMS will be involved in all technical tasks related to the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (DED-Arc) use case, being responsible for its deployment to our facilities.

LMS brings to COROB expertise in Process Planning, and Quality Assessment in WAAM through Artificial Intelligence based on MLOps/Active Learning.

LMS aims through COROB to validate and expand its knowledge and expertise in cooperative robotics, as well as in AI and Data related technologies applied in WAAM, increasing their Technology Readiness Level and therefore ensuring their proper transfer in EU Manufacturing Industries.

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