COROB joins the European Robotics Forum 2024  

The European Robotics Forum 2024, organizyed by EU Robotics and hosted un the scientific responsibility of the University of Bologna, unfolded in the city of Rimini from March 13th to 15th. This esteemed gathering brought together top-tier experts from academia and industry, alongside major European companies invested in robotics, to explore the latest advancements and future trajectories of the field.

COROB joined the event alongside two other projects at the forefront of robotics and AI innovation, Talos and ARISE.

Project partner FundingBox brillantly represented COROB at the event, contributing to the vibrant discussions surrounding the project’s objectives and collaborative efforts within the robotics community.

The forum, renowned for its unique structure fostering collaboration and innovation, provided an ideal platform for the COROB project to showcase its cutting-edge objectives. With a robust program encompassing diverse industrial and research domains where robotics plays a pivotal role, the event facilitated meaningful exchanges and catalyzed partnerships aimed at enhancing industrial competitiveness and scientific progress.

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