Meet the consortium: Gizelis Robotics

GIZELIS ROBOTICS, founded in 2018, offers robotic solutions for modern manufacturing challenges, providing:

  • Enhanced production quality and efficiency
  • Data-driven insights for manufacturing optimization
  • Addressing human resource shortages and cost issues
  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • Improved workplace safety and regulatory compliance
  • Benefits across all business sectors with a diverse portfolio.

GIZELIS ROBOTICS is committed to global industrial automation and smart manufacturing, exemplified by:

  1. Innovation and Productivity: Introducing smart factory technologies and automation solutions to enhance productivity, quality, and safety.
  2. Health and Safety: Collaboration with Athens Medical Group to combat COVID-19 using RobotSafe, a disinfection robot, showcasing technological expertise for societal benefit.
  3. Supporting Industry: Promoting smart manufacturing locally and globally, advocating for Industry 4.0 adoption to boost productivity, cut costs, and drive innovation.
  4. Contribution to Industry 4.0: Establishing Greece’s first smart factory with Calpak, integrating advanced technologies to lead in smart manufacturing and enhance global industry competitiveness.

The project team is formed by a talented and enthusiastic team of professionals: 

Panagiotis Lagios 

Co-Founder & COO

Manos Toupalis

Chief Engineering Officer

Kevin Strehl

Head of Mechanical Study & Design Dept.

Gizelis Robotics is the WAAM use case provider. We are involved in defining the strategy for the implementation of the project’s developments, including the setup of validation metrics, and expanding on the KPIs set within the proposal phase. Furthermore, we participate in the integration and tests of the internal, as well as external solutions from the open calls of the project.

We seek to develop our portfolio in high impact & requested markets, such as additive manufacturing in connection with AI, especially with the use of cobots, allowing us to reach more customers and impact various markets.

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